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Bar Aviation Signs for a New BELL 412EPi

According to the BELL PRESS RELEASE | MARCH 23, 2022, BAR Aviation’s 412Epi joins the over 160 Bell 412s operating in Africa and the Middle East. Bell Textron Inc. company, announced a signed purchase agreement with BAR Aviation for a Bell 412EPi to support 24/7 medical evacuation missions and the new development of the oil and gas project

BAR Aviation is a leading aviation operator in Uganda known for its high-quality and professional air transport service in Uganda and the region. Among its many services, BAR Aviation provides air medical evacuation services to support communities and connect them to life-saving medical support.

“Bell Textron Inc is privileged to provide BAR Aviation with exceptional Bell products to service and complement their successful aerial operations,” said Lynette Loosen, regional sales manager, Africa, and the Middle East, Bell. “The Bell 412 has proven its capabilities and fit for purpose to BAR Aviation and the company is growing its Bell 412 fleet in East Africa.”

In January 2021, BAR Aviation took delivery of the first Bell 505 in Uganda and the first fully equipped emergency medical service Bell 505 in Africa. The aircraft carries out medical evacuation missions in the region.

“We pride ourselves on going beyond our client’s expectations by providing an exceptionally broad spectrum of aviation services with a robust team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who believe in client satisfaction –- and­ we do so by operating Bell aircraft,” said Barak Orland, chief executive officer, BAR Aviation. “BAR Aviation is very excited to be adding the Bell 412EPi to strengthen its growing Rotary Wing fleet thus contributing to the success of its various missions.”

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